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Port Ellen Primary School and Port Ellen Book Group are working together to create book reviews in preparation for the Port Ellen Book Festival, which is on the 17th and 18th June 2006 at the Primary School. Over the next few months we shall be reviewing both the adult and children's authors who will be attending our festival. Please feel free to post a comment about your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Alone on a Wide Wide Sea by Michael Morpurgo.
Alone on a Wide Wide Sea is a great book. We really enjoyed it. It is about a young boy called Arthur and he was shipped off to Australia after world war 2 when he loses his sister.On the ship to Australia he met a nice young boy called Marty. When they get to Austraila they go to a place Called Coopers Station and an evil man called Piggy Bacon made them do horrible chores and after a hard days work they don’t get fed very well. Then Arthur and Marty run away from Coopers Station and a nice old lady called Aunty Megs took them in and they had a nice life with her until the day she told them they had to go away to Freddy Dodds boat building place. They both loved it until Marty got a bit drunk and fell into the sea and drowned.After that he had a sad and lonely life.He went to different places to find a new job.He went back to Aunty Megs and she died after a few years.Then he had an accident and at the hospital he found his one true love.A couple of years later he dies and
his daughter finds Kitty his long lost sister.*
By Craghopper and lozzy


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