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Port Ellen Primary School and Port Ellen Book Group are working together to create book reviews in preparation for the Port Ellen Book Festival, which is on the 17th and 18th June 2006 at the Primary School. Over the next few months we shall be reviewing both the adult and children's authors who will be attending our festival. Please feel free to post a comment about your thoughts!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Ghost of Grania O’malley
This book was about a little girl called Jessie. Jessie had something wrong with her legs. She couldn’t walk very long distances. She couldn’t climb the big hill with all of her class mates. She lied to her mother and father about it she said she can climb the big hill. One day she was climbing the big hill and she was hearing voices she thought it was just her imagination playing tricks on her but it wasn’t. She thought she couldn’t go on any further when she heard the voice again it said if you make it to the top there will be something at the top for you. So Jessie climbed all the way to the top and in a pot hole she found an earring. She ran all the way back down a to her house and told her dad about climbing the hill.
Jessie and her dad went to the airport to collect her mum and her cousin Jack. Jessie didn’t really like Jack at all. A couple of days later she was looking in her mirror and saw a white face she turned around and the face was gone. A little while later there was a meeting for all the adults in the community to see who wanted the top of the hill cut off. Jessie’s mum didn’t want the top cut of but her father did want it cut off. Now her mother and father were fighting quite alot over it. In the end the whole village was up the top of the hill circling it to make sure the top didn’t get cut off. They made a deal with the person who owned the hill and said what if we bottle up the water that flows down your hill and sell it and we could call it Grania. So all the water was bottled and sold. I would give this book a 5/10


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